Erasmus University Medical Center, Rotterdam

Erasmus MC, University Medical Center is the Netherlands' largest academic medical center. As such it is able to provide special opportunities for education, research, and patient care in the Netherlands.
Erasmus MC is an innovative center for high-quality knowledge development, training, and care in the fields of illness and health. The Medical Genetics Cluster offers high quality research in the area of molecular mechanisms that regulate development, differentiation and disease. The research program is organised around a number of themes: the regulation of transcription in development, hematopoietic stem cells and differentiation, epigenetics and chromatin remodeling and the role of the cytoskeleton. Modern technology such as advanced genomics, proteomics, bio-informatics and imaging supported by experts underpin the research.

The new Erasmus Stem Cell Institute has opened in 2008 and will cover many aspects of stem cell research, including embryonic and adult type stem cells.

The International Master in Cell and Stem cell Biology at Erasmus Medical Center

At the academic level, Erasmus MC will open parts of the Master of Science in Molecular Medicine programme to students from UPMC and UB.

The Master of Science in Molecular Medicine program is an accredited research master's training program, in which students receive a broad exposure to molecular and cell biology and focused in-depth fundamental and translational research training in biomedical disciplines. This MSc program is designed for students with a high level of motivation and expectations for excellence, and aims to train the next generation of biomedical/medical researchers. The goal of the MSc program is to develop participating individuals into academic medical scientists able to provide leadership in basic biomedical and clinical research.

At the research level, the Medical Genetics Cluster will provide numerous opportunities for research training.



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