The aim of this program is to provide students with a high level of theoretical and practical training on cell and stem cell biology. In addition to gaining a full understanding of the structure and functions of cells and how they interact with their environment, the students will acquire the knowledge needed to understand and evaluate pathological processes based on cell dysfunctions.


The International Master programme relies on existing master programmes in each partner universities:
Master of Sciences in Molecular and Cellular Biology at UPMC
Master of Science in Molecular Medicine at Erasmus Medical Center
Master of Sciences in Neurosciences at Universitat de Barcelona

The 2-year program is intended to educate the best students of the new generation to become researchers who in forthcoming years will achieve further advancement of basic research and/or clinical (translational) medical research in the field of Cell Biology and Stem Cell Biology. The requirements for the International Master include the successful completion of several core courses (in either of the three partner universities) and the undertaking of two original laboratory research projects. A 6-month period of mobility is included. The core courses provide the basic intellectual and technical knowledge, and establish the important framework (the formulation of hypotheses) necessary for development of a research proposal and subsequent laboratory research.


Plenary lectures, scientific conferences, theoretical and practical workshops

Theoretical training

Oral presentation and written reports of scientific articles
Oral and written presentation of a research proposal

Research practice in the field of cell biology and stem cell biology

During the laboratory period the students develop their technical skills and test their hypotheses. They learn the principles of performing well-controlled experiments and interpretation, and presentation and publication of results.

Knowledge and skills acquired during the programme

Keeping up-to-date with knowledge in the international scientific community.
Applying knowledge to understanding the normal and pathological modifications of cell functions, the relationships that exist between cells and the interactions between cells and their environment.
Understanding the processes for cell proliferation, death, differentiation and regeneration of cells, as well as cancer, hereditary and neurodegenerative diseases.
Understanding therapeutic applications for working with cells.
Developing critical reasoning and problem-solving related to cell and stem cell biology.
Communicating knowledge
Entering the research world with the basic tools needed to develop fundamental and clinical applications.
Systematically integrating the main cross-curricular skills (time management, decision-taking, problem-solving, knowledge updating, etc.) and applying them to research activities.
Respecting ethics and intellectual integrity.
Working and interacting with professionals from other fields related to biology.

Languages used for the programme

English (UPMC, UB and Erasmus MC)
Course of French as a foreign language (open to foreign students at UPMC)


UPMC (Paris) : Joëlle SOBCZAK-THEPOT, Charles DURAND
Erasmus Medical Center (Rotterdam) : Dik van GENT
UB (Barcelona) : Jose DEL RIO, Jeùs Perez Clausell, M. Reina

Admission Criteria

This degree is designed for graduates in areas related to biosciences and health. Previous studies may be recognised if professional experience in a field related to cell biology is validated.


In master 1 (students from UPMC and Erasmus Medical Center):
Three-year bachelor’s degree in Biology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Medicine, Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy or equivalent science and health science qualifications.

In master 2 (students from UPMC, Erasmus Medical Center and Universitat de Barcelona):
Four-year degree in Biology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Medicine, Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy.

In the case of a degree in another area of knowledge, the student may also be admitted once the pedagogic team has studied the possibility of validating the previous academic experience.

Selection criteria

Good student record.
Level of previous formation in cell biology / biochemistry.
High level of motivation and expectations for excellence.
Reference letter(s).


UPMC (Paris) : deadline 30th April
Erasmus Medical Center (Rotterdam)
Universitat de Barcelona (Barcelona)


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